Product developement procedure

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Arularasu Rajendran

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I want to develope a electronic products but i dont know the procedure and i am from india only some of the components are available in my city ,i am very much confused kindly help me


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A huge amount depends on the type of electronic product you are developing. Don't expect someone developing a child's game to go through the same procedure as someone developing a piece of medical life-support equipment or either of them to go through the same process as someone developing cryptographic hardware or an industrial controller, despite the fact that it is entirely possible that the electronics for all four might be very similar.

If you want to develop products and you live in an area where you simply can't get some of the necessary components, you really only have two choices, either work with someone that does live where the components can be obtained and have them do the actual hardware work, or move to where you can get the components. But you will probably find that you CAN get the components, it just may not be convenient or cheap. This then adds a third option, which is to accept the inconvenience and cost. You always have another option, of course, which is limit yourself to products for which you CAN get the components you need locally.