Problem with my Technics SU-Z1 amplifier.

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Issues with my setup (NEED HELP PLEASE!)

My setup:
AMP: Technics SU-Z1 Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Speakers: Q Acoustics 3010i

I’ve been collecting vinyl now for about 2 years any my AT-LP120 and Q speakers have been with me for 1 of those years. I purchased the AMP in mint condition off a very trustworthy friend of mine. He said that the AMP was perfect before he gave it to me. He hasn’t declined to help me it’s more of a thing that at the moment he’s incredibly busy and I don’t wish to bother him.

The issue:
Since I got the technics amp my setup has tended to cut out in the left channel mid-playback. Usually turning the AMP off and on again does the trick but yesterday this changed to both Channels only playing back distorted static of the LP that was playing. I’ve changed LPs, swapped speakers from left to right and even swapped around the end of my RCA and Ground cables but nothing has changed. One of my theories is that the built in pro-amp in the AT-LP120 is causing issues but I’ve no proof of this. Another theory is that the stock RCA cables I got with my turntable are the issue as all the cables (RCA and Ground) are all together. Does anybody have any idea what could be happening? Thank you very much for reading.


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The first thing I would try is to work all the switches vigorously with the unit unplugged. This will tend to clean any dirty contacts.

The second thing I would do is to set aside the turntable for now and to find another source of audio such as an MP3 player.
You want to check that the amp, cables and speakers are all in good working order.