Problem with charger MAX712 (NiMH batteries)

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Allan Fraga

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Hi there,

I built a circuit to charge 8 NiMH batteries (Sony CyberEnergy 2500mAh). But for some reason, it doesn't starts to charge the batteries.
I already checked all the pins voltages but i didn't found anything wrong.
Can someone check my circuit and check if I did something wrong ??
here is the datasheet:

Here are the specs:
Power Supply: 19V
Batteries: 8NiMH batteries
Charging Current: 330mA
Here is the circuit:


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According to Table 2 of the datasheet, for 8 cells PGM1 should be at BAT- potential, not REF (which would be for 7 , 11 or 15 cells).
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