problem interfacing 16x1(8x2) lcd display with arduino

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Hi there! , Ive been tinkering with arduino from a while, and trying to make a wireless display using arduino, esp32, nrf24 radio modules and an 16x1(8x2) LCD display which i had laying around. everything worked out on the serial monitor and i had previously tested this lcd display and had no problems. but having some trouble with the code which i wrote.

transmitting string = "hello how are you" which is a 17 character string.

the first 8 characters of the display work fine, but right after changing the cursor position, the written code (which works right on the monitor) seems to be just ignored by the arduino.
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You have a 16 x 1 not an 8 x 2
The LCD begin function need to change.
lcd.begin(8, 2); <---not the one you are using
lcd.begin(16, 1); <-- the one you have.