Problem after flashing TP-LINK TL-WA901ND v2

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Hello! I flashed the router with "dd-wrt" factory to bin from the router database, but it got bricked. I tried "Hard reset 30/30/30", I tried dd-wrt reset "5/5/5", I tried "TFTP" with IPs ";,; 192. 168. 0. 12", I can not send or ping the router getting "general failure" as the ping result. The reset has no effect on the LED blinking sequence. I attach a video. Now all I get is:

This part of the post can be checked in the video link:
"Power" LED = always on.
"System" LED = turns on, shuts off
"LAN" LED = blinks, turns off
"WLAN" LED = turns on, turns off
"QSS" LED = turns on during the blinking of the "LAN" LED and turns off.

The LEDs blink in this sequence:
"System" and "WLAN" turn on, after 2 sec "LAN" blinks, "QSS" turns on, all LEDs except the "power" shut off.