Preventing kick backs to transformer - spark gap tesla coil

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I recently built this tesla coil circuit shown the attachment (This is from Trinkaus' book Tesla Coil). (BTW I'm using a salt water bottle capacitor)

The issue I have is that first go I damaged the transformer and now had to purchase a second neon sign transformer (12-15kv).

I don't want to use the second transformer until I'm sure I wont damage it. Something I didn't realise is that the safety gap should be as SMALL as possible and the spark gap should be as WIDE as possible. These were actually in the opposite configuration when the transformer blew (first time for me putting this together).

Three questions I have, now

1, I have the above rectified should the transformer survive a test run?

2. For the chokes I'm using 2 x 100 micro Henry through hole suppression chokes rated at 5 Amperes. Are these enough or should I get the 470 micro Henry chokes? which are available.

3. Do you have any other ideas to prevent damage to the transformer?

Tesla Coil Circuit.jpg

Photo of the rig:






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Could it be that your secondary coil has no 'top load'? Never saw one without one. Even your schematic shows it, calling it a 'terminal capacitor'. Also never saw one with a coil primary like you're using.