president mckinley CB Radio

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I was looking at a president mckinley CB Radio that had Knobs for almost everything.

Can anybody help me find it on Amazon?

I know why would I want Knobs?

I will be using it at Home and not in a Truck.

I just like holding Knobs then Buttons.


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If you really want a mobile CB, look for the Cobra 29 or Galaxy DX959. Base stations (more expensive) about the only one left is the Galaxy DX2547 which used to be ~250USD but I see ads for them going for over 900USD new. I'd check for used on eBay...

Once again, Clay's radio shop has some in stock and will do a tech job on them for less than 100USD to put them on spec and maximize output. Clay's seem to be selling a LOT more 10M stuff these days instead of CB and shows a lot of their CB radios as Out of Stock. They will work on anything you send them as well.

As a side note, you get more bang for yer buck spending it on antennas. Even the most perfect radio is useless without a good antenna, tuned, mounted correctly, and at as high an elevation above ground (and obstructions) as you can afford. Towers get very expensive but schedule 40 pipe is comparatively cheap by comparison (it all depends on mass, ice loading, wind loading, and turning radius (if any)! Even cheap radios perform very well with a proper antenna. There are some very good, properly designed, and commercially marketed antennas for sale. The key is to look at their specs and not just the price. For CB, that usually means a fiberglass vertical. Also remember that CB has a very limited output wattage so to maximize on that you need a very good antenna. Final words of advice, get a Ham License! Check around for the local ham club in your area and they will be glad to help or contact the ARRL


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One additional item to consider when going after the best performance is the antenna feed line, which contributes a signal loss on both receive and transmit. Better cable has less loss. So read and understand the specifications before selecting the antenna feed line. For legal CB operation the power handling capability is the one specification you can ignore, since all types can handle the 3.5 watts with no problem at all.
Also, be aware that there are some CB radios for sale that are not presently "type approved" by the FCC, and so not legal for use in the US.