Poweron autotrigger switches in sequence

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    Apr 16, 2013
    What i have here is an action cam that i need to run a startup button pushes macro after power-on.
    pwr-on > wait 10sec > pwr-click x3 (2sec delay) > dn x2 (delay 1sec) > OK (delay 1sec) > dn (delay 1sec) > OK > rest until next pwr-on.

    I can solder to the switch connections. Switches stay. It has to be small enough to fit into a battery compartment (30x33x11mm max)

    What i'm trying to achieve here is to get a TV-Out signal out of a camera that needs manual enabling every time after power is lost (or off). Considering it is mounted in a brushless gimbal with screen obscured its impractical, fiddly at best. Flying FPV/camera platform (multirotor).

    Camera is SJ4000 (not a knockoff). Custom flashes are unavailable, original firmware doesnt cooperate for what i need.
    Have usbasp/ftdi programmers need be. Any chance to cannibalize something for parts ? Have a bin full of electronics scrap laying about.