Power supply deign in automotive (Two DC-DC Converters)

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Bhargav Jani

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Hello All,

Currently working on a project, wherein have following specifications,

1 Vin - (for both the SMPS IC, From Vbatt - 12V to 40V )
2. Vout - from 1st Post regulator is from 0.8V to 40V
3 Iout upto 20A
4. Pre Regulator is a IC that outputs from -3V to -17V (inverting smps IC)

Here my dsPIC 30F4011 will digitally control the first IC as it has FB pin. The post regulator does not have a pin to adjust its output voltage.

Question is in any way is it possible to get a 0V output from either of the IC or any concept to have 0V as Vout by changing the ground or some method ???

Vout 1 will be from post reg from 0.8V to 40V
that from Vout 2 will be from -3V to -17V .

Attached the diagram

Thanks in advance