Power steering for trolling motor

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I want to use a servo motor to steer a trolling motor. I would like to connect both the prop motor and the steering to a joy stick that would control speed and direction (with reverse). Any suggestions as to what what controller, motor or other components to use?



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Answering your question directly needs much more information than what you have provided.

1) Starting with the (servo) motor... How much torque does it take to move the outboard? This is one requirement.

2) How does the outboard reverse? Will it require a solenoid or second servo motor?

3) How do you anticipate translating joystick position into direction commands?

4) What about speed control?

Given these questions, I’m not sure there is an OTS (off the shelf) controller for you. (AAC, if I’m wrong, let me know) My guess is that you’d have to be able to program a microcontroller to meet your requirements. What programming languages do you know? C? Assembly? BASIC? What microcontrollers do you have experience in?