Power Ratings of RF Amplifiers

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Hi all

I am studying RF amplifiers data sheets and there is some confusion i am facing in its specifications. One such amplifier claims Power Output at 50 ohm load with 20% duty cycle to be 2 KW. However, the minimum gain it specifies is 63 dB and maximum input it claims to be 10 dBm (around 0.707 Vrms for 50 ohm ). Using this gain and input, maximum output voltage is around 990 Vrms @ 50 ohm load. Using simple power formula i.e. V^2/R, the output power comes to be around 19 KW @ 50 ohm load???.

Can any one kindly tell me where i went wrong in my calculations?



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Your calcs are correct. With 63 dB of gain, the amplifier should produce its specific output power of 2 KW with an input signal level of 0 dBm. The listed +10 dBm is likely the maximum safe input level so that you don't fry the input stage.