Power PCB and Vias max current, best practice

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Hi All

I have a new design that will use multiple of the following drivers IXDI630MYI media-3323229.pdf (mouser.com) .

Its a difficult to route all the Power in on the top layer to all the device, therefore VIN will need to connect to the VCC layer.

I normally use via of 0.6 outer and a hole size of 0.3 mm.

Is it better as a practice to have multiple smaller via or less large vias?

The drivers will output 12V, with the variation of output currents:
1. 500mA
2. 1.5A
3. 5-6A

My 12V source, from DC-DC, will output on the top layer, I guess for best practice, I would do a copper pour with via on top, bottom and VCC for the 12V. net.