Power outlet alarm

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Does anyone know of a device I can plug into a wall outlet that also exposes its own socket and that alarms if the power goes out to the outlet that it's plugged into?

I found these but they are just surge protectors and only alarm if the surge protector itself dies in some way. I imagined this was a trivially simple gadget but it seems they don't exist. The appliance that would use this is a large chest freezer.


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Since you want it to alarm on power off there would be an external power source to deal with. Seems most don't alarm on power loss but on temperature but will require a power source so maybe...


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The appliance that would use this is a large chest freezer.
With that in mind there are devices designed to monitor temperature as mentioned. My large upright 20 cubic foot freezer has a bright LED lamp across the input power which shines down on the floor as long as power is applied. I guess if I wanted an audible alarm just for power I would use a line voltage small relay with a Mallory Sonalert Device powered by a battery much like a smoke detector. Power fails, monitor relay coil deenergizes and alarm screams.

Personally we had a freezer fail a few months ago. Likely sometime early Saturday. My wife noticed something wrong midday Sunday. Frantically trying to find dry ice on a Sunday afternoon on a Sunday in Cleveland, Ohio. That was fun. I installed a temperature monitoring system on the new freezer and Thank God for dry ice.

So, any number of ways to alarm a freezer, you just decide what you want to monitor. Just voltage is easy but just voltage does not tell you if the freezer is making cold. :)