Power Adaptor

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It is not an adapter, it is simply a male connector and a female connector. The connectors are round, not square.
It does not rectify, regulate the voltage or limit the current.
You said "transformer" then it has an AC output then these connectors will have the same AC output.


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I have this Adaptor that Plugs into the End of a Transformer I have

The one End is a Square Conector.
If I Cut this Off and Open the End will I See a Red and Black Wire?

I Ask because I am going to be Wiring it to a Project I am making.
Then the other End will Plug into the Power Transformer I have.
I don't fully understand what you are asking because I don't think you are familiar with the terminology of what you are trying to use.
What is the "adapter"? Is it just a cable or does it have an electronic device in it? All I see in your url are two wire connectors.
What is the "transformer"? That term is used for isolating AC supplies or for stepping up or down AC voltages. What does your "transformer" do? What is the input and what is the output; AC or DC and what voltages?