AC Power Adaptor Pinout // Adapt to battery power

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I have a monitor I use for work (motion/photo) and I'd love to be able to use it with my cine batteries which are 14.4v / 12amp batteries. There is a company that makes a special adaptor but its $700, I have to believe this can be worked out for cheaper, not to mention their form factor is horrible.

The monitors power supply is rated 19v 180watts with 6 pins. Thankfully the AC adaptor has a Lemo connector so I was able to figure out the pinout, see attached. I'm guessing its 3(+) and 3(-). There were only four wires, but the red and white were soldered to two pins each, while the yellow and black had their own pins.

So what would be the best way to tackle this? I was going to start by connecting two batteries in series and then use a DC to DC converter to get the voltage down to 19v. I could do this through a cheap converter from amazon, but I'd like the power to be as clean as possible so I'm guessing a voltage regulator would be a better option. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm pretty technical and handy, I can solder surface mount and through hole, build PCB's in Eagle, but I don't have much experience with electrical engineering on the technical side.

The power supply that comes with the monitor is an Adaptor Tech STD-19063