Portable bluetooth speaker design

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    Jan 31, 2015
    I want to get into DIY electronics and the bluetooth speaker in this instructable seemed like a cool project. Unfortunately most of the components used in the original project are now unavailable and there is a lot of assumed knowledge when it comes to wiring the components.

    Based on the project photos (see here) and my own research, I've come up with the following alternate components and a diagram of how I think they should be connected. I'd appreciate any help regarding component compatibility and particularly with my "wiring diagram". It would be great if you could point out if I've got anything wrong, why, and how I can fix it. I'd really like to improve my understanding of electronics. Suggestions for further reading would be appreciated.


    Additional Notes
    • The original project also has and auxiliary audio input (it looks like it's somehow connected to the bluetooth module in this picture. I don't require an aux input, bluetooth only is fine.
    • For the bluetooth module, would it be possible to "hack" a bluetooth receiver for a car like this one. For example:
      1. Remove plastic casing
      2. Connect USB cable to receiver
      3. Cut USB cable, then cut the 2 data wires
      4. Solder the positive and ground wires to the circuit
      5. Somehow solder the left and right audio out wires to the aux barrel jack on the receiver?
    Thank you for your help.