Popular Solder mask Colour Seeed poll


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I learned something.. I did not know that green actually performs better.
Not that I would ever need a 4mil wide mask but interesting "fun fact"..

I use black solder mask at work for all the boards I design (because of visual aesthetics only)..


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Are any ICs available in different colours? I came across some white DIP package ICs the other day there and thought they were highly unusual.


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I've only seen ICs in black and white. White is far less used than black, and almost all of the white chips I've seen are opto-isolators
Hmmm. Now that you mention it, the one and only white IC in my collection is indeed an optoisolator. Wonder if there's a reason?


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There is many transparent ICs too. Mostly when portions of the guts have optical sensors. As beam shape sensors in optical drives

Two of them at the lower branch :

For focusing :

Mice use them also.
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