Police siren NE555 heats, strange schematic

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I found this police siren schematic on the internet. At first it seems really strange to me that on the first ne555 pin 2 and 3 are not marked, but I build something similar in falstad, connected pin 2, 3, 6 on the first ne555 and it worked??? But when I build it in real life, it doesn't work, just squeal and two ne555 got really hot. Is there problem with this circuit, because it seems strange. I really tried to check all possible misconnections and all the details before I solder it. Thanks for help!



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Add R2 and C5 as shown below. What is your supply voltage? Chips should not even be warm.
Siren sound is a High-Low tone.
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Before the siren was am odd buzz with the sawtooth waveform from the 555 capacitor slowly raising then lowering the loudness with PWM. Edited.
Now the siren is a European high, low, high, low frequency.

The 1uF output capacitor has a very low capacitance then drives only high frequency squeaks into an 8 ohms speaker. But a 555 cannot drive an 8 ohms speaker anyway.


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I found this police siren schematic on the internet.
What are you trying for? Do you want a European-style siren that switches back and forth between two steady frequencies, or an American style that sweeps up and down between two frequency limits?

Also, please post a link to the original schematic page.