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1) A 212 kV, three phase transmission line is 40 km long. The resistance per phase is 0.15? per km and the inductance per phase is 1.3263 mH per km. Find the voltage and power at the sending end and the voltage regulation and efficiency when the line is supplying a three phase load of 312 MVA at 212 kV at i) 0.8 power factor lagging, and ii) 0.8 power factor leading.

2) A two conductor single phase line operates at 52 Hz. The diameter of each conductor is 22 mm and the spacing between the conductor is 3 m. Calculate i) the inductance of each conductor per km ii) the loop inductance of the line per km iii) the inductive reactance per km, and iv) the loop inductance per km of the line when the conductor material is steel of relative permeability 52.


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