Please rate my schematic!

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Hi, I am an electrical engineering student and I would really appreciate if you could spend a little bit of your time to tell me where can I improve in designing a circuit and what should I change. This is my most recent design. I would like to know if the schematic is easy to read or If I should od something differently. I am most unsure of the decoupling capacitors. Did I go overboard with them or is it good? Thanks for all the replies I really appreciate them.
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One thing I would say is a little over abundance of power common indicators, the could be coupled in order to use less.
Also You used the Earth GND symbol for this, (power common), is this intended?


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Generally looks good, but I agree with Max, that you (likely) need to use the correct ground symbol, and use fewer of them.
If ground symbols are close together, then use one ground symbol tied to the component ground points with a wire.