Please guide me regarding rasberry pi

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  1. faaiz007

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    Jul 14, 2018
    Hi everyone

    So I am kinda stuck in the project ,what I am basically doing is collecting the power consumption data of a house using rasberry pi , this includes unit consumed, power factor , and total bill of energy ...

    Now I want to expand that , I want to create a server on internet and upload all that data on it , so it can be accessable by mobile device , PC's etc ... Here is the problems I need to solve :

    1-Need to create a server , tell me how to do this ...

    2-fetch all the data from Pi to the server .

    3- I think I will also need to create GUI , for the server , through pyQt most probably .

    4- make the server acceable to all the devices which can use internet ..

    Thanks .
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    Mar 10, 2018