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PLC's are no longer just a logic representation of Ladder Logic, they have been evolving and the latest Idec
looks interesting.

BACnet/IP now available
MicroSmart FC6A Plus CPU exceeds the competition with premium features including 2060 digital I/O, 511 analog I/O, Bluetooth communication, FTP Client/Server protocol, SD memory for data logging, dual Ethernet ports and the WindEDIT Lite App for iOS and Android.
Now, with the introduction of BACnet/IP protocol, users can expect even more.

Features include:

Ethernet Port #1 supports BACnet/IP
Supports B-ASC BACnet profile
Maximum 256 Objects
Supported Object Types: Device, Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Value, Binary Input, Binary Output, Binary Value
Supports Unsubscribed COV, Subscribed COV and Foreign Device