PIONEER SG-540 Equalizer Slide Panel has dimmed / low bright LED's :

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Joined Apr 24, 2020
My pioneer SG-540 slider has very dimmed LEDs. The functionality is just fine and i can tune the audio flawlessly. I have checked the voltage coming out from the board which goes to slider and its just fine. I have used this slider to another same model EQ and it's shows the same low bright LED's problem.

Then i have used another's EQ slider to this EQ board and it works quite well and just fine.
So the problem is somewhere in the slider panel. i doesn't seems like having any components itself on the slider board.
If i turn off the lights of the room, i can see some mild light on leds but it's almost nothing.

i can't even open the slider assembly as it's all molded i guess. see the attached pictures please. any idea how to fix that ? i have tested each LED bulb individually and separately and they are fine too.
there must be something inside the assembly which is causing the low voltage, i don't even see any resistance or transistor traces ...
some help please .... :(