Pioneer DJM 500 - Crossfader - CV-Signal-Flow - help

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Hey there,

I am new to this Forum, so please be aware of that :)

I am a student of cultural studies currently working on my B.A. writing about the "old but gold" Pioneer DJM 500 DJ Mixer. For one topic, I want to try to explain how the VCA-Cross-Fader works. Therefore i want to fully understand the schematic diagram attached.

I am really new to electronics. And have a very basic understanding of what the signal flow is. And barely no experience in schematics.
But maybe someone in here can help me out?

The main question remaining (reffering to the diagram) are:

- where in the C.F. Assy are the two CVs generated? if not in the C.F., where else?
- and why 2 CVs in general?

I guess a very quick overview about the signal flow would help me so much!

Thanks a lot!