Pioneeer vsx-823-k 1 channel no audio

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I have a pioneer vsx-823k and have encountered the same exact isssues as this person.

with the help of this forum I was able to confirm and track down replace the resistors and transistors.

I had tested the unit and it was great, I put it in storage and pulled it out to use only to discover I lost audio on the Front-Right speaker (the person in the video has the same issue but Front-Left)

I ordered a new relay exactly the same part and installed it but I still do not have audio on that channel.

At one point it lost sound but after a power cycle the audio came back. Then shortly after it stopped for good so I figured this could be relay related and ordered a new one to swap out but still not working.

does anyone have any idea what the issue could be? Or help point me in the right direction what to test?

is there a way I can test the old relay
Now that it’s been removed?

update: it seems the audio randomly returns, power off, on, factory reset, it’s sometimes comes backs then disappears on its own.
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