Piezo pulse of 0.5v to trigger a switch

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awais 90

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I want to create a switch for an approximately 990MHz signal path. All I have is a piezo sensor that creates a weak voltage pulse of 0.5v every 2 seconds. the length of the pulse is around 1ms. Want to create a switch from that voltage but not sure how to proceed?


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For the amplifier, given that you want a logic level pulse out, and that you need a fair amount of gain, I suggest using a CMOS inverter as a linear amplifier. That is very simple although i I don't recall the feedback resistor value. But that will give you a logic level pulse when you feed it to a second inverter.
For the 990 MHz switch, I suggest using a diode and forward biasing it to swith the UHF signal,depending on the power level.