Pico Scope Comparison

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Tom Wilson

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Hello AAC Community,

This is my first post as a member of your forum and it's regarding a choice between PC-based digital scopes. Firstly, do any of you have experience with Pico-Scopes? Are there any other competitive brands worth checking out?

A bit about the context of my work, I've recently graduated with an MSc in a Audio Systems/Computer interface design. However, the contract I've ended up landing is working with Embedded Systems for the production of Audio Effects. My question is, which digital scope would you recommend? I need to measure SPI signals (at the very least) and the Arm Cortex-M based devices that I'm currently working with are clocked around the 120MHz range. I had narrowed my scope choices down to two picoscopes, both of which have MSO (mixed signal) functionality so that I can simultaneously monitor my audio I/O and SPI control signals:

The Picoscope 2205 MSO:

The Picoscope 3203D MSO:

I'd be really interested to hear your opinions on whether I will notice much difference between the two scopes working at audio frequency.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated, as I mentioned I come from more of a programming background, and need some advice on Mixed Signal Design.

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