Pick to light system advice .. #2


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OK, I looked at this old thread and am having a problem linking the two as to what you want or need? Looking at the original old thread the thread starter wanted to scan a bar code and bring up data on the scanned item. Many years ago I wrote a program demonstrating one way of doing this. I believe way back then I wrote the software using Visual Basic 6.0 so it was long ago.

You need to create a database using the database software of your choosing. A small data base can be done using Microsoft Access or on a larger scale any data base like My SQL or similar. There is likely free data base software out there. The database is where you place all the data for whatever items you want. It serves as a repository. Next you write or buy software to query the database and bring up the data on your stored item. I just created a form so when a user scanned a bar code it populated a text box on my form. Then the user clicked a search button to retrieve the data. This all depends on your specific needs and the choice of buying a turn key (off the shelf) system or writing your own system and for the latter deciding what code to use. I did what I did likely over 20 years ago.



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Hello. I can definately help you with the system. I have put a lot of work into this and can advice you what you should avoid and what not. I have almost completed my project. It is in fully working condition and does the job but sometimes bugs out due to the glitches in my python program.

Please describe exactly what you are trying to achieve and at what stage are you at?

Have you tried something already? Have you though about what hardware you going to use and what software?