Phone line in cat6

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We have a new office with one main line and an extension line from ISP. If ISP gives it in normal 2pair wires, I want to extend these 2 lines to EPBAX system. So I am thinking of using a cat6 cable . I have doubt on wiring ,

How to wire one cat6 cable to 2 RJ 45 keystone jack, the colour coding.

Its like 2 RJ11 pins - going to to RJ54 keystone wall sockets, these 2 keystone are connected using single CAT6 cable which is then terminated to the receiving end which is also 2 RJ 45 keystone, from there its given to two CO ports of EPBAX, can you please tell how to punch?

Or do i need to use 2 cat6 for 2 keystone?