Peltier for wearable personal cooling

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I'm sure knows who birthed invention by way of necessity.
I am very adept at building and designing wearables and pretty much anything to fit a situation. what I have very little knowledge of is peltier modules and the power necessities behind them I've done extensive reading but it's a little beyond my level. I'm very adept at soldering and connecting all manner of electronics but I wonder if anyone could help me figure out the most efficient peltier modules to get if I have a 40 volt battery to run my setup I'm guessing only two peltier modules would be necessary and the rest of the power would go to fans for cool air delivery and massive heat sink dissipation. If someone could tell me what modules I should get and how much power I should devote to fans afterwards if I'm using this 40 volt battery I can make something to get me through the hot midsummer months without heat headaches everyday. I fully understand the need for venting and placement but again the proper modules to use and how much power I should devote to fans eludes me. I understand that I won't be making a Mr freeze suit anytime soon but if I can drop the temperature hitting my neck by just a few degrees the world will be peachy keen.


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Probably the least impractical approach would be to cool some water with a peltier unit mounted on your back, then circulate it round your hot spots o_O


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The problem with using thermoelectric cooling in this case is that it depends on a temperature differential between the hot and cold sides. This is difficult to maintain without a lot of convective cooling on the hot side (loud fans).

The hot side will get hot and you'll have to come up with some way to insulate the cold side which seems problematic in this application.

Have you considered evaporative cooling with assistive fans?


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There are no efficient Peltier modules for cooling. They are efficient at heating. For cooling efficiency, you need a real refrigerator/freezer with a compressor. There are cheap ones from China for under $300 shipped.