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We've got one of these at work, it's awesome. It's used for prototype PCB's, and cutting custom mechanical parts. I wish I could justify the price tag for home (just over $2k USD today):

I love watching Collin Video's but the 2k price is a joke with all that plastic .. For that price I could get a nice Bridgeport milling machine or something similar and wouldn't be limited like the plastic machine..


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My guess the motors alone will be over $100.
Step 2: Find used motors in new condition being given away on Craigslist. :D

It actually reminded me of an ad a friend and I got all excited over when I was in junior high. It said we could build our own miniature jet engine -- only $10! Of course, the $10 was for the (probably worthless) plans.


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There are two primary considerations regarding accuracy, means of positioning, i.e. ball screws etc, & spindle run out.
Both require quality and precision if you want a comparable product to the Utube vid.