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Hi all, I am an Engineering Technician, I have been soldering and de-soldering in years. I have designed and home-made toner transfer PCB as well. Now I am thinking to take course for professional PCB design for my career. I am wondering which courses I should take. Did anyone take this course, is it good for beginners? Or any recommendation?
Thank You in advance!

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I have never taken a class.
I have watched youtube videos. Each video is for a different piece of software. A video for Eagle Cad is not the same as for KiCad.
Are you more interested in the generic PCB design like how to make corners and trace widths?


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Im with @ronsimpson on this, you cant beat real hands on experience, - and a few youtube videos! Find yourself a project, and just make a start, there is so much information out there on the web to help you along, and the cost of the course could be better spent on software, hardware, pcbs etc.
I guess some people might notice a course on your CV but real experience would be much more valuable.
For manufacturing PCBWay.com is ideal.


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I never took a class either. Back in the dim and distant past when I first started it was done on clear film over a light box with red and blue tape and sticky pad symbols.

Download and install KiCad. Play and learn. Lots of on-line help out there.
Another one is RS Components Design Spark. There is a PCB layout tool and tutorials. https://www.rs-online.com/designspark/pcb-software


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Check out Design Spark PCB. I have used most of the other PCB design programs and have found this open-source software to be my favorite. The program is more intuitive than what I have found in other's software. I only have two complaints and they are it only works on Windows and how the Libraries import. They have a crew of employees that build footprints that are super responsive. I needed a component footprint, not in the library and they provided it within 24 hours. If you design a board and want to purchase components it's a one-step process instead of hours and hours searching distributors. They are mainly out of Europe and Asia. The sister company in the United States is Allied Electronics. There are great learning videos on YouTube.