PCB design for a project

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Hello everyone! I am about to make my fitness device, I don't wish to reveal much, but I need to be able to measure the movement and position of the user, the user needs to be able to connect to the device and receive the information about his workout on their phone. And should be able to trace out their workout path. The PCB needs to be at least 6.5-7.5cm (2.56in-2.95) x 2.5-3.5cm (0.98in-1.38in).

I made my own schematic which I have attached below, I have already done the circuit for the Accelerometer and Gyroscope. The PCB I have made is just a prototype hence I have added jumpers to test it out if everything is ok, but feel free to suggest something else, also for the whole circuit itself. I would like help in making this a better design.

I am not very experienced with PCB designing, I would like some help from you, my requirements for this PCB would be-
1) GPS
2) Accelerometer and Gyroscope
3) a Li-Ion battery charging circuit

Since I would be mass producing this, I also need help in making it as easily manufacturable as possible.

Thank you very much