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Why are most if not all, desktop PC speakers designed to use a 3.5mm Jack connector with a USB cable just for the power? Surely one can find some that send the audio and the power too, over a single USB cable? Does anyone know of any? I'm scouring Amazon and having no luck, seems totally insane.


OK just found this, but it seems this is not very common:


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What's TCP and what does that have to do with the discussion?
Audio can be digitized, that's all I'm pointing out, as for TCP I assumed it was well known that this is Transmission Control Protocol as used for the internet, as you know I can listen to audio on the internet despite that audio originating as analog. I have a pair of headphones that are 100% USB for example.
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If Iook up USB speakers, nearly all take sound over USB, many have bluetooth, and some have an audio jack as well.


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USB speakers could include an audio CODEC chip and amp capable of driving a speaker:
But that costs more, and every computer built this century includes a 3.5 mm audio output. And running a speaker from 5V USB doesn't allow drawing very much power, so you're likely to end up with speakers that cost more and don't play as loud.


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Actually, having wall-powered speakers for home use is a much better solution. Even if the wall wart is a nuisance, at least from a design standpoint, it is a better solution.
Cheaper elsewhere but...
One very nice feature that the PCs have ignored is a separate subwoofer volume control. And yes, the small speakers have cloth covers. Actually, I prefer them over the Bose. YMMV
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