Pattern recognition with RFID or similar?

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    Nov 18, 2014

    New to electronics, I am unsure as to which technology would be most appropriate for the project below, and how it would best be implemented. RFID seems a possible or obvious solution, though the for this project it is a little 'backwards' in how it would be used. It would also be potentially expensive to use RFID.

    The project is to build a flat board (a bit less than 1 foot x 1 foot) with LCD panel at the top and 4 visible points (call these points A, B, C, D) and they are to be a device under the face, but marked with a simple decal. Then, an individual with a keyring (or similar) swipes directly over these points in a random combination. The point is recorded when the person briefly pauses over it, and is then displayed on the LCD screen, followed by any other points they choose.


    I'm uncertain as to which technology to use as it seems RFID is 'backwards' in that I'd have to have 4x readers for the tag (with each reader sending an ID to the LCD) - obviously the reader in the keyring is of no use.

    It's important that the 'points', when activated send their ID to the LCD screen, and that they also do not interfere with one another. Obviously some type of technology will be under the face of the device (under the decals), but I'm at a loss. I'm wanting to keep cost down, of course.

    Any thoughts on potential solutions, or even directions, would be greatly appreciated.