Parts list and schematic needed for a current & voltage sensor.

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Can someone help me with a updated parts list and schematic. I need to create a card in eagle and I want to combine these sensors into the card.

This is something I am looking to recreate.
I can see the following parts:
3002 : 30k ohm resistor (Size 0805)
7501 : 7.5k ohm resistor (Size 0805)
2001 : 2.0k ohm resistor (Size 0805)
MAX471ESA : 8 Pin chip

Cap? (0805?)

I could order one and ohm it out but I am hoping someone can help me with the schematic and parts list.

Here is a description of the product on the website:

"This module can be used to test the current and voltage.
The principle of voltage test based on principle of resistive voltage divider design, can make the red terminal connector input voltage to 5 times smaller. for Arduino analog input voltages up to 5 v, the voltage detection module input voltage not greater than 5Vx5=25V (if using 3.3V systems, input voltage not greater than 3.3Vx5=16.5V). For Arduino AVR chips have 10-bit AD, so this module simulates a resolution of 0.00489V (5V/1023), so the minimum voltage of input voltage detection module is 0.00489Vx5=0.02445V.
The MAX471 chip on the board used to test the consume current of the load.

Test Voltage range: DC3 - 25V (FOR Arduino work on 5V) or DC3 - 16.5V (for Arduino work on 3.3V)
Test Current range: DC 0 - 3A

Package Included:
  • 1 x Max471 Voltage Current Sensor Votage Sensor Current Sensor for Arduino "