Parallel two voltage source

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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1. Need to have two parallel "Mobile power bank" outputs. Each voltage source can max supply 5V/2.4Amps.
2. Load can vary from 0Amps to 4.8Amps.
3. Load sharing need not to be equal, but each voltage source max current has to be limited to max 2.4Amps.

4.I tried LTC4415 ? Tried simualting in LTspice. But its shows 3V output at 4AMps load, where each voltage source is 5V. What am i doing wrong here?

5. Also its a cost sensitive application, if anything more cost effective is available then please suggest that also.



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You cannot put voltage sources in parallel without some additional measures. The usual method is to use diodes to prevent current hogging.


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I would recommend you test your circuit on an actual breadboard rather than a simulation- the simulator or some parameter may not be correct. This is a really neat little IC. Do be aware that the test parameters on the datasheet are 3.6V... this usually indicates that this is where they are secretly telling you it operates best at. Also, be aware of derating, etc. Examine MAX parameters carefully, and understand them.

At the output current you're trying to use, the IC becomes a current source, not a voltage source- and that may be your problem.