Parallel connection of TP4056 chargers

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Hello Sir,

I have 3 dc led tub lights 5v, i have to install in three different rooms and for them i have made 12AH battery with TP4056. I need all light connections in parallel and connect them with On/Off switch in three different rooms so.

Now I have some questions about Li ion battery chargers.

1. Can I increase their current output by connecting the TP4056 in parallel?
2. Can I "pull" 3A by connecting 3 TP4056 chargers in parallel ?
3. Will the cells (12 18650 cells connected in parallel) charge in the same way?

Please Help me. !

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1. No.
2. No
3. In the same way as what? They can be charged at twelve times the normal current for one cell or they can be charged at the normal current for one cell for twelve times longer.