Parallel ciruits (AC)

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C = 481.7 nF
L = 56.91 mH
R(L) = 36 Ω

Z(capacitor) = -(1/jwC)
Z(coil) = R(L) + jwL

My question is: What is Z(capacitor) // Z(coil) ?
This is my attempt to solve:


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I dont know but this thread can be marked as solved. :)
For this particular circuit i used the formula Z = L/RC
So you don't care about learning the basic math needed to work with complex numbers? Okay, your choice.

That formula that you found somewhere and are using blindly is the Z for what and under what conditions?

Doesn't it strike you as at least a bit odd that Z is independent of frequency?

BTW, Z(capacitor) = -(1/jwC) is not correct.