Over Voltage Protection for 24V DC powered devices

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arjun sureshbabu

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I have a query. I am using a 24V DC powered camera in my test lab. I wrongly connected 48 V power to it and it blew up the camera (which is obvious). I would like to understand how to protect it from these kind of over voltage scenarios in factories or industries? Is there any over voltage protection devices available? Will a zener diode based OVP helps? The camera takes upto 20W in normal running condition. Any suggestions?
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Really good over-voltage protection is not simple, it adds too much to the BOM cost of most products, so it's seldom included.

A unit destroyed by the customer is a unit sold, especially when its the customers fault.


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The obvious fix is to get a 24 volt supply just for the camera, and paint that 48 volt supply bright red, clearly marked as 48 volts;. Otherwise, get a 25 volt zener diode rated at more current than any of your suulies can deliver, and wire it into the camera, with a suitable fuse upstream.