Outsourcing to United States

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Daniel H Sagarra

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I am working on a startup, outsourcing AI and IoT focused on embedded systems, from South America (Argentina) to the United States, we are looking for a beachhead market, I have a few questions, any advice will be very appreciated:

  • What ecosystems, IDE+ Agile tools + standards + others, are commonly applied by development companies of the US?
  • I was talking with some engineers from HP who used QT Creator and TDD, Agile is a must in big companies, what about midsize companies?
  • What standards we must pay attention to first?
  • I performed a little of research of TI and STM32 ecosystems, I didn’t get to much information about Agile, this confused me a little, I think these companies sell a lot of microcontrollers on Automotive and other high-quality focused industries, TI and STM32 is a good place to start?