opto isolated h bridge PCB layout

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what's your question? pointers to good design sw? some one to design one for you?
is there any forums or websites for ready designed PCBs layouts that i can find what i need in?
and if i want to design a PCB for that H bridge, should i design it as same as shown in the image mentioned? (for example, i assume that the output of the circuit should be on the corner and not in the middle of the circuit) or there is a better design layout that i should follow to make it?


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That is not a good circuit as it will have a lot of cross-conduction through the MOSFETs when switching, likely causing them to overheat if you are doing PWM.


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webs sites that have predesigned PCBs? Who knows but probably not.

On designing a PCB, I'd get Kicad and follow the many tutorials. There are other PCB design tools out there that can work well so it's your choice. When you are to the point where you are ready to actually start the design, come back and ask questions. However, don't expect a 10 minute familiarization session to get you there. PCB design has a learning curve regardless of the tool.