Opera Users.

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Using XP I have had a problem with Chrome for a while and now they declare there is no longer support, what are the options and comparison for those using Opera?.


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Is your problem with Chrome that you can't download Opera to try/compare it yourself. :p

99% of users won't have any problems using any browser.. They are all virtually identical to "most"..
If you just use it to browse the internet then go for it..
Of course you will start running into more and more programs that don't support XP.. So it may be (it is) time for an upgrade (I'm sure you have you reasons that you don't)

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I was interested in what down sides anyone had seen just to avoid if possible a time consuming evaluation.:(
I have windows 10 on one of my lap tops but so far do not find it as User friendly or intuitive as XP.


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I tend to agree. But I had to reluctantly give up Win98SE, and now have to do the same with XP, and soon again with Win7.

So far my software seems to be migrating OK, but I have a fairly narrow list of things I consider vital.


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Hola Max,

Opera in this laptop - (XP professional). I changed so many times browser / anti virus in all my computers that I hardly could say good or bad. Anyway, here, once the invasive AVG completes its round of updates and insistent proposals to buy this or that, Opera seems to be reasonably good.

At least it does not suffer that xxxxplug-in.exe (IIRC) that seems to come in the way when Firefox decides for an obscure reason.

Firefox in my two other PCs (XP SP3) and Chrome in my Samsung tablet.

I mentioned anti virus because I feel that their respective performances seem somewhat interrelated.

Fearing the moment when needing to buy a new computer (thus also a Pickit 3!!) :p