Open Source product development - collaborative process via group design & delegation

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A lot of projects I've seen discussed across many sites are very interesting but often too complex for a single person. The number of components per project varies as per the project and could be 2-3 or 10-30 and very few people may be capable of accomplishing all tasks required. Breaking down a project into component projects spread across a number of interested parties, with varying skills and areas of expertise, could greatly benefit the quality of the final project and the chance of completion. These components could also be used in other non-related projects. An example of this is the many uses old microwave oven transformers have found over the years.

I'm proposing, or trying to figure out a way, to centralize these projects and component projects in one place where those interested can look for solutions, help create/improve components, and create/suggest new projects. Just as an software application developer can pull from libraries of pre-written code "snipets" the same could be done for both electrical and mechanical based projects (often with software integrated now).

I have seen so many people making the same project -ex. soldering station (randomly picked project - others are more popular) or a bandsaw where people re-invent it over and over, some making same mistakes, making dangerous projects, inefficient or can't complete it, while others make nice units but a lot of variation between them.

Open Source programming has something like this with Sourceforge and GitHub but I have yet to find anything similar to this in the electrical or mechanical fields.

One of the biggest tasks which would have a huge payoff would be to find others with similar desires to create/modify and bring them to a central location. This site does do that to a degree but it is a bit archaic trying to sort/search for what is needed. I know there are many others across the vast number of forums, message boards/groups and personal sites/blogs where people have interests such as this.

I'm trying to figure out if a project such as this is possible and if so, how it would best be implemented and how to spread the word. A network such as this would open doors to finding people who may be able to help with fabrication of more difficult aspects with either knowledge (conceptual or of where fabrication can be done), rendered assistance, etc. With the spreading of maker-spaces and hacker-spaces, there are often local facilities where access harder to obtain equipment is possible as well as possibly finding more like minded people.

I know there are some sites that offer schematics for certain projects but many seem to be questionable, potentially dangerous or out-right wrong.

If anyone has any thoughts or opinions on this I would like to hear them. If there are any major road blocks that would make this difficult (sharing "credit" for work, ego, financial issues, etc). I was thinking for projects which are "expensive" (relative term I know) there could be donations for materials and work as well as potentially reward payments for achieving stated project goals (performance, function, ease of build, whatever, etc...)


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