One big idea has been banned from Physics.

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    Mar 26, 2012
    One big idea has been banned from Physics.
    “ . . . . . at least one big idea is missing.
    How do we find that missing idea? “
    / Book: “ The trouble with Physics” By Lee Smolin, page 308 /

    Sorry, the “big idea” is not missing in Physics.
    In my opinion is more correct to say: “One big idea has been banned from Physics”
    What big idea is banished?
    The big banished idea in Physics is the endless infinite void –
    - the Vacuum, the Zero Vacuum: T=0K.

    When the next revolution rocks physics, chances are it will be
    about nothing—the vacuum, that endless infinite void.
    “ The problem of the exact description of vacuum, in my opinion,
    is the basic problem now before physics. Really, if you can’t correctly
    describe the vacuum, how it is possible to expect a correct description
    of something more complex? “
    / Paul Dirac /
    "Vacuum -- the very name suggests emptiness and nothingness –
    is actually a realm rife with potentiality, courtesy of the laws
    of quantum electrodynamics (QED). According to QED,
    additional, albeit virtual, particles can be created in the vacuum, allowing light-light interactions."
    “The most fundamental question facing 21st century physics will be:
    What is the vacuum? As quantum mechanics teaches us, with
    its zero point energy this vacuum is not empty and the word
    vacuum is a gross misnomer!”
    / Prof. Friedwardt Winterberg /
    "Now we know that the vacuum can have all sorts of wonderful effects
    over an enormous range of scales, from the microscopic to the cosmic,"
    said Peter Milonni from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.
    etc . . . . .
    ============. .
    Today the “official physics” does not recognize the absolute,
    endless and infinite kingdom of vacuum: T=0K.
    Book : ‘Dreams of a final theory’ by Steven Weinberg. Page 138.
    ‘ It is true . . . there is such a thing as absolute zero; we cannot
    reach temperatures below absolute zero not because we are not
    sufficiently clever but because temperatures below absolute zero
    simple have no meaning.’
    / Steven Weinberg. The Nobel Prize in Physics 1979 /
    But . . . .

    S. Weinberg wrote another book: “The First Three Minutes”
    (A Modern View of the Origin of the Universe . . . after big bang)
    So, he know very well that in 1973 the temperature of the Universe
    as whole was 2,7K and in the time “X” it will come to absolute zero.
    But if the “temperatures below absolute zero simple have no meaning”
    then . . . “ Big Bang” also doesn’t have meaning.
    Someone must decide: “Where is logic in our Alice's Wonderland?”
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    One definition of the perfect vacuum void:
    The space between Homers ears and his brain stem.

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    When quotes and opinions begin to be accepted in lieu of original statements and evidence-backed conclusions, I would say a vacuum is forming between more than just Homer's ears.
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    Apr 16, 2011
    Nicely put ! :) :)
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    "He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing." ---Job 26:7

    Maybe God's got the jump on you there.
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    Mar 26, 2012
    Brief characteristic of Vacuum: T=0K.
    It was, it is, it will be forever an infinite /eternal continuum T=0K.
    The Material World began its existence and evolution from T=0K.
    Today physicists think that the Universe as whole has temperature:
    T= 2,7K. They know very well that parameter T=2,7K is not constant.
    It is temporal and goes down and in the future it will come to T= 0K.
    But they don’t know what to do with infinite T=0K and therefore
    banned T=0K from logical thought.
    T=0K is not empty / void infinite continuum.
    The void/vacuum T=0K gives birth to an infinite numbers of
    virtual particles (antiparticles, dark matter , dark energy and “zoo”
    of elementary particles) and they exist in this Kingdom of Vacuum.
    Which geometrical form can have virtual particles (antiparticles,
    dark matter , dark energy and “zoo” of elementary particles)
    in the absolute reference frame T= 0K ?

    The answer is: “They must be flat particles.”

    Because absolute endless infinite void - vacuum T=0K obeys the
    laws of “Ideal Gas” and therefore . . . according to Charle’s law
    (and the consequence of the third law of thermodynamics) as the
    thermodynamic temperature of a system approaches absolute zero
    the volume of particles approach zero too.
    It means the particles at T=0K must have flat forms.
    The most ideal flat geometrical form is form of circle: pi= c /d =3,14 . . . .
    These circle –particles are without thickness. It means, we cannot reach
    the T=0K and we cannot reach the density of these vacuum-particles.
    We cannot observe vacuum - particles with tools, but thanks to
    mathematics (physical-mathematical laws) we can understand their
    real geometrical forms.
    The “strings particles” is also flat particles and don’t have thickness.
    But to be “string” is needed forces in two different sides.
    Without forces the “string” will take form of circle.
    And in circle all forces in all different directions are equal and
    therefore the circle–particle is in an ideal equilibrium (potential) state.
    Such equilibrium-potential state can be changed easily with a
    thin/weak quantum force.
    Once again.
    Circle-particle says to string-particles: “I am, circle, the real quantum
    particle and my existence is confirmed by physical-mathematical laws
    and you, string, don’t have such laws, such confirmation. You are only
    private invention of theoretical thought.”
    When very small changes appear in absolute void of “Ideal Gas”
    ( T=0K ) something was happened. Pressures, densities,
    temperatures were changed and can be observed.
    (Casimir effect, vacuum polarization, Lamb shift, . . ..etc.)
    These “very small changes” are Quantum changes.
    These very small Quantum changes ( h and h*bar) make great
    difference in the Kingdom of Absolute Vacuum and Nature.
    =====================. . .
    Best wishes.
    Israel Sadovnik. Socratus.