On changing motor brush

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Anyone used to or familiar with changing motor carbon brush if it's broken, got pulled out hard beyond its withstand ?
Till now no successful search for spare part from its supplier

The drill is ATS BL-10KK, relatively rare to more common drill brands Bosch, Makita, JLD, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Hitachi, as it's got from yard sale

The point is IDK the correct connecting input fitting into its hole 3.6 x 6 mm below, and the shape of the original brush' conductive end contacted to it

so please one who quite knows how to get its closest compatible from other brand such above to get it work normally

The connecting inputIMG_0110.JPG

The carbon brush, its case or house, connecting input hole dimension:


Its opening hole dimension:

Sincere help is thanked really appreciated



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Once, I needed to replace the carbon brushes in the generator in my car but could not find a replacement. A technician with whom I worked had the solution: but a larger set of brushes and file them down to the needed size.

That solved the problem nicely. Maybe this is something you would like to try.