Old single phase 1hp GE motor wiring help

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I have a dual voltage GE motor that came with a south bend lathe that I want to wire for 240v, it came wired for 120v and worked, so I know the motor is good. The back cover plate is missing so I don’t have a wiring diagram to go by. I tried guessing where the wires should go once already and blew the breaker. So instead of ruining the old motor that works I thought motor1.jpgmotor1.jpgmotor2.jpgI’d ask for some help.


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Rather than guessing it would make much more sense to contact a GE motors distributor or a South Bend service center.
And, taking a guess, it appears that it might possibly be wired for 240 volts already. There is no mention as to if the connections are as received or after a change was made.