odd mode oscillations modeling question

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yef smith

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Hello , the is this good article which shows a phenomena called odd mode oscillations.
When we connect amplifiers in parallels we can have odd mode oscilations.
the article says that there are conditions for odd mode oscillations.however i cant see the schematics in the article.
I have a non linear model a power dividing network S-params and ADS ,could you please give me an example on how i can see these odd mode oscilations?


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Without more details about the unstated question there is no reason to even follow the link.
In addition, I have never heard about "odd-mode oscillations."
AND, in addition, an "electrical engineer" should be able to explain in more detail what those oscillations would be. I have never come across them in my career. I am aware of odd harmonics and even harmonics, is that what the TS is seeking to see???
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