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need help on this project, this nrf24 wont reach above 100-200m and iv done everything i could, added a coild of ground on the mosi and miso wire also twisted it for less interferance but i just couldnt get more range

things iv tried;
setting nrf pa level to max and low
used a bigger antenna for the tranmitter vise versa

listed below are the pictures and codes i used



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Those are low power devices, they will not have much of a range unless you use some Yagi antennas at each end. Specifications for the product state 100M-200M for most of them, so why would you expect more?
These are 2.4Ghz devices, and share the wifi band with other routers, laptops, extenders, etc. There is a lot of signals in that band, and odds are high you are simply getting too much interference to have 100% clear channels. Setting your data rate to a lower value may help increase the distance.
Putting Yagi antennas at each end will increase the range as long as you have line of sight. Anything in between, even trees or walls will cut the distance range a lot.


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The 1 km distance may be gained only with high gain antennas - elongened CLC or Yagi, or SlimJim. With standard built in coil type antenna 200 m is reasonable distance. Always keep eyes opened so the capacitance shunting battery is large enough. We se a 2 Farad capacitor across the battery, it helps huge.