Novice needing some direction (satellite antenna)

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Ian Goodchild 1

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Hi All,
I am at a loose end, I have an automatic satellite dish that has stopped functioning correctly. I dabble with Arduino from time to time so not an expert on electronics by any means. No one is willing to try and repair as they say it is uneconable even though its my money!

I have traced the board with what knowledge i have, i cant see anything untoward to speak like a blown track that has happened before on this pcb.
The only thing i have came across is that negative and positive poles of the Rf connector on both sides. When i test the legs of the, what i believe to be negative and positive there is continuity between them, I am on the understanding that they should be separate where by 12v is put through the lines via the inner copper core and the external sheathing.

Could someone clarify if i am correct in what I am saying so I can investigate further. Many thanks Ian

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So the inner and outer terminals of the RF connector sockets are shorted or are they low resistance?

Can you power it up and see what voltage is present?

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Ian Goodchild 1

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Hi, sorry for the delay in replying. i have been on holiday/

I have done a little more digging and everything is fine with the rf blocks, when powered up the voltage is correct.

I have plugged it back together and the elevation stepper motor is continuously juddering.

I have attached a picture to show what connector. When I am testing the stepper motor wires, 6 wire unipolar motor there is voltage present to each wire. Not sure if that is normal but I was under the impression one side of the motor gets voltage, then the next to make it go in a direction.

Just a newbie so please bare with my wording